The Dream Collection

$10.00 - $20.00 / On Sale

The Dream Collection has been in the making for quite some time now and its finally here.This collection was specifically created for makeup lovers of all ages.The Dream palette has 18 easily blendable colors and gives you an awesome variety of shades all in one location.It wouldn't be Fantastic Faces if its not " different " so we had to bring you all something with a unique feature, The dream palette has built in💡 led lights💡on each sides of the mirror, thats right " led lights" Also dont forget to snatch up our brand new " Shadow Stay " so you can get the full vibrant ,long lasting effect of all the colors

The Dream Collection Includes
🌈18 color eyeshadow pallette
🌈Brushes (10 piece) w/Non Shedding Synthetic Hair
🌈A travel makeup bag

Eyeshadow Colors:
Yaaas (Pink / Matte )
Delicious (Peach / Matte)
Wealthy (Antique Gold / Metallic)
Slime (Bright Green / Matte)
Toxic (Turquoise/ Metallic)
Blank (White / Matte)
Hazard (Red / Matte)
Outlandish (Orange/ Matte)
Cash (Green/ Matte)
Blew-It (Blue /Metallic)
Purrrrple (Purple/Matte)
BLM (Black/Matte)
Badu (Brown/ Matte)
Coca (Medium Brown / Matte)
Exposure ( Medium Tan/Matte)
Bare (Light Tan / Matte)
Hush (Pinkish-Gold /Metallic)

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