About Us

Following two years of professional face painting in 2009 and 2010, a reputation had emerged for Ms. Steph as “the face painter with the cool makeup " she decided to shift the focus away from face painting as her career continued to blossom and went full force into makeup artistry. Hesitant but unwavering, Ms.Steph began doing makeup in the basement of her home for close associates and Facebook friends, quickly discovering her fondness for the craft. Ms. Steph loved and developed a passion primarily devoted to makeup when she saw the positive route makeup was taking her in such a short period of time. As a novice, she recognized that this talent needed to be developed progressively. Ms. Steph had the honor of being exposed to a lot of positive people in the makeup world very early on. In March of 2011, she took a leap of faith and launched her own cosmetic line @fantastic_faces. Fantastic Faces product line was an overnight success with its vibrant and bright colors and bold statement that opened the minds of many to a world of color .Due to the strong support system, it quickly rose as a worldwide brand. After one year of working from home and promoting her products exclusively online, on her website and selling it on hand to random local makeup lovers. In April 2012, Fantastic Faces Makeup Artistry and Cosmetics decided to make the big move to a brick and mortar location. With this new move, she was able to promote her products locally and expand her clientele as well as offer more hours for purchasing and services. Ms. Steph has shown that you can turn nothing into something with consistency ,determination and drive. Now working full time doing makeup Ms. Steph has done several local photo shoots , fashion shows , makeup lessons, traveling doing vending events selling her products etc and is continuing to grow every day as a respected artist and cosmetic brand .In June of 2013 and 2014 Fantastic Faces Makeup Artistry attended a world renown fashion show in New York called Full Figured Fashion Week and has had the opportunity to work with the best of the best which opened her eyes to becoming an even better professional in the makeup industry.Following the success of traveling in 2015 Ms.Steph decided to give up her makeup studio to sell her Cosmetic line ,so she put together the best idea she ever had " The Glitter Lipstick Kits " which was originally created in 2010 but put on the back burner for said reasons.It just seemed like the best idea to run with and in 2016-2018 she packed up all her supplies and took a team and prayer and started booking some of the biggest expos around the world to sell her products.This brought so much success from what it seems like over night.The responce was phenomenal every event that the Fantastic Faces team attended was a huge turn out and people were loving the glitter lipstick so much that they would sell out each show.In 2019 Ms.Steph was so excited to release a new product " Fantastic Faces Cosmetics " first eyeshadow pallette and unfortunately that sample was not good quality and this caused her to go into a really bad fuck about the future of the company.So she decided to take a step back the entire year and do makeup again in hopes to start back traveling after her mental reset.Well as we all know in 2020 the untimely event Covid-19 dropped and took the entire world by storm.This was devastating to Ms.Steph that her entire business where touching people was the experience she created to now the whole world being in the house , all the Convention Centers been shut down and everything she worked for having to change.Needless to say the way things were happening had to be stopped.The end goal for Fantastic Faces Cosmetics was to have a big brick and mortar store filled with inventory to sell to our customers with a brand new website to take the shopping experience to the next level and to this day that is still the goal.Some would consider change as bad but only the strong survive when you are trying to push for something you want.With that being said this change has allowed much time to rethink things and consider even better ways to build the brand to keep offering the best quality and the most fun products for our amazing supporters who have held us down though out these years.The grind of an Entrepreneur never stops and Ms. Steph is a true testimony of that